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1935 Ford Cabriolet Mods & Upgrades – new 2017

NEW BLOG ENTRY:12/28/2017

1935 Ford Cabriolet

Chassis – New frame plus modern stuff

Before Duke’s Garage purchased the 1935 Ford Cabriolet in 2012 the original owners didn’t drive it much; nor did we.

After mostly being parked and admired, Duke and Jared Haynes from L&O Garage, began to collaborate and decided that limiting this classic to occasional, top-down, Sunday drives on back roads wasn’t fair to this beautiful piece of car history.

The existing power provided by a Vintage Flathead V-8 engine with an Offenhauser intake, the carbureted fuel delivery system and the 3-speed transmission weren’t enough to achieve the higher rpms needed to reach or exceed the speed-limits on today’s highways or speedways. That’s why the hot-rodding began.

To start, post-vintage cars need added stability for safer driving at higher speeds. That’s why Jared opted to replace the C-channel frame with a brand-new TCI custom-built boxed frame. After assembly and prep the new frame was sent out for powder coating.

Next up is modernization – switching out several existing systems with present-day technology and style. More information to come.