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​Meet the best thing since electricity:

The Beck E-Speedster

Introducing the E-Speedster

The Beck E-Speedster pays tribute to a bygone era — late 50’s aesthetic design, custom built, top-grade performance. Under the hood, though, its electric power represents future of sustainable driving. Finally, eco-conscious drivers can satisfy the hobbyist’s itch to own a classic car while enjoying the latest advancements in electric vehicle performance

In a class by itself.

Approaching the vehicle, you’re drawn to those legendary speedster body lines. Slipping into the seat, you grip the wheel, relaxing into custom upholstery. Turning the key (yes, key!) to the EV motor and rolling onto the road, you notice a smooth, quiet, responsive ride. Testing the performance you experience unparalleled construction — the speed and torque absolutely blow your hair back.

What makes Beck E-Speedsters so special?

Rare beauty.

Low-volume manufacturing means modern engineering and reliability. On the other hand, replicas deliver less complexity — fewer technical features overall mean fewer maintenance costs. So you can enjoy the ride as in days of yore. 

Modified Battery Pack

66kWh nickel rich lithium ion battery pack, 160 kW peak power.

17-Digit Vin Number

Vin numbers make it easy to register and drive.

Special Features

Outperforms the original.

Hand-laid fiberglass body with forward-thinking electric motor built on tight, tubular chassis. Accelerates lightning fast, yet remains stable on corners.

Torque-Rich Driving

100% torque, zero RPM. Get off the line quicker than ever.

Featherweight EV Motor

Lightweight motor supports lightning fast acceleration.

Designed to drive.

Many collectors keep their classics under dust covers, but these babies are built to run. Dings? Scratches? Thrashes? It’s all your story to tell.

Extended Range

E-Speedster boasts up to 259 miles per charge.

Plug and Play

Beautiful, functional, and attainable.

Built for the ages.

Beck cares about fit and finish, so everything is built under one roof. As a result, from heritage-based styling to top-of-the-line batteries and workhorse motors, Beck’s E-Speedster is primed to perform.


The E-Speedster will retain standard features of the Beck Speedster, including tubular chassis, a-arm front suspension, rack and pinion steering, adjustable coil over shocks, light weight forged aluminum wheels, and 4 wheel disc brakes. Period correct restoration quality trim and textiles.


Modular drive unit featuring an integrated electric motor and single speed transmission and differential. 200hp and 260 ft/lbs torque.


66kWh nickel rich lithium ion battery pack featuring 288 cells, groups of 3 connected in parallel, 96 of those groups connected series. 160 kW peak power.

Fiberglass body:

Hand laid mat and cloth, highest quality low shrink resin, all finished to aircraft standards. It’s sleek, streamlined, and ready to roll. 

Where will you go? We’re eager to see.

Watch for the E-Speedster — coming in 2023.


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