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Car Memorabilia Gifts

Gift ideas for classic car lovers.

Automotive Memorabilia For Sale

Being a Classic Car dealer Duke’s Garage spends a lot of time at auctions in and around the West & Southwest US. Auctions provide an opportunity to buy and sell classic cars but also a ton of Car Memorabilia and fun Auto related items. If something caught Duke’s eye or gave him a flashback memory of his youth and young adult love affair with Classic and Vintage Cars he could not resist.

Usually coming back from the auction in the trunk of a classic would be the bounty. Some very unique items have passed through our garage doors and now maybe you can take part.

Duke’s has collected all sorts of decorative wall and shelf art as well as Statues, model cars, electronics and musical instruments. Take a stroll down memory lane with a cool print from some classic car artist with visions of 50’s diners or car yards. Have a statue of the Blues Brothers great new customers at your garage. Maybe a small scale model of a classic to decorate your office or play room. A cool retro neon sign is a garage must have. Check out what we have to brighten up your home or garage.

Take a look at some of what we have to offer and email or call us if you are looking for something specific.

Blues Brothers Statues Jake and Elwood

Iconic Blue Brothers statues in performance mode. Similar to famous Midway Airport statues that great you when you arrive in Chicago.

The Statues are approximately 32 x 12 x 12 and weigh about 30lbs

$ 400.00 USD – for both Jake and Elwood.


“USED OK CARS” neon sign for sale – red white and blue about 27” circle.

Nice little neon sign for a window or door. These were famously atop some Chevy dealers and were an iconic image of the late 40s and 50s in Midwest car town.

The customer would know they were getting a quality used Chevy.

$199.00 USD

Milner’s Coupe from American Graffiti

Milner’s Coupe by Brian Wana – A beautiful print of the classic Milners Coupe from American Graffiti.

Iconic in so many ways this classic is an American treasure. Aproximately 26” x 37.5”

$ 150.00 USD

Dale Klee Collectible Print

Collectibles Print by Dale Klee – wood frame – A car lot with some old and new. 27” x 1” x 42”

This is a beautiful fully framed print in a nice light wood.

$ 250.00 USD

Route 66 Wall Clock For Sale