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DELUXE BODY PACKAGE  The Dulexe Body Package, or DBP for short, was pioneered by Special Edition, Inc. over 25 years ago and, despite the long name,  simply means that it is more than a kit. (Kit being a very vague term in this industry).  This package is not for everyone, and those not wishing to realize the savings and satisfaction of such a project need read no further.  Perhaps a “Roller” or a “Turn-key” are more what you are seeking.

WHAT DO I GET IN A DBP?  It is a completely assembled body on a 3″ tubular chassis. The doors, engine lid, and front bonnet are hinged, weather sealed, painted, and complete.  The hood and engine release handles are installed and adjusted.

The interior is carpeted, upholstered in leather, with the convertible top and top boot installed and operational.

All wiring is installed. Fuse panel, pre-installed wires for headlights, tail lights, all engine functions, all switches, the horns, brake light circuitry, 2 speed wiper motor, emergency flashers, turn signals, high beam/low beam control, etc. All you will be required to do is connect the color coded wires to the associated assembly. (Headlight wires plugged into the headlight assembly, for example.)

All cables are installed. The emergency brake cables are ready to hook-up to the rear brakes (which are part of the customer supplied transaxle). The clutch cable, accelerator cable, heater control cables, and cable shift mechanism (Spyder only) are all pre-installed. The pedal assembly is installed.

The master cylinder, brake reservoir, steel brake lines, and locating points are all pre-installed.

The front suspension is completed to the torsion bars. The rear suspension is complete to the adjustable spring plates. The torsion bars are installed. The transmission mounts are included as well.  No welding, no complicated “clocking” of the torsion bars is required.

SO, WHAT MECHANICAL PARTS AND ASSEMBLIES WILL I NEED?   You will need the parts to complete the front suspension, a complete transaxle for the rear, and an engine with an appropriately sized exhaust system.  These are available either directly from Special Edition, Inc. or from the supplier of your choice.  We have over 28 years of experience with suppliers and can assist you in these decisions as well.

FRONT SUSPENSION  We offer a complete disc brake package in both the standard 4 bolt applications as well as the more original 5 bolt applications. Not sure what you want?  Call for details or an explanation of the differences. All of these parts are included in what we refer to as our SUSPENSION PACKAGE, found in the Assembly Packages section on the Menu Bar.

TRANSAXLE, DRUM TO DRUM  The standard transaxle is a drum brake, swing axle style component.  We have suppliers waiting who are familiar with our product, and can fill your order promptly.  We will gladly assist to see that you order what you really need. There are gearing options available to suit most any application. Disc brakes are also available for the rear.

ENGINE  There are a variety of VW engine displacements available.  There are also literally dozens of suppliers of this assembly.  We have had 28 years of experience in this field.  You might want to ask us.  Our recommendation for a water cooled powerplant is Subaru, EJ25, a 2.5 liter “boxer” style engine.

ANYTHING ELSE?  Yes, we call these the BRIGHTWORK and HARDWARE Packages also described in the Assembly Package section on the Menu Bar.

BRIGHTWORK  This refers to chrome items  not manufactured us.  These are supplied by third party reproduction specialists.  For the BECK SPEEDSTER® we offer a package that includes 2 headlights, 2 tail lights, 1 license plate light, 2  horn grills, and 1 Aero Style side view mirror.  (You may add or delete parts as required to suit 

HARDWARE PACKAGE  This contains every nut, bolt, screw, washer, and small VW part that will be required to assemble the product.  these are genuine, quality hardware, bought in bulk to save you time and money.  It also gives us a better sense that proper hardware is going into the project.

DELUXE ROLLER PACKAGE  The “Deluxe Roller Package” comes “rolling” to your door, ready to install your engine.. This package is ideal for someone who has a very specific engine supplier or desire to install a unique type of power train (i.e. battery operated) into our Beck Speedster.  This package includes ALL of the features of the “Deluxe Pre-assembled Body  Package”, plus the following items:

  • All 3 optional kit completion packages
  • A 4-Speed manual transaxle of your choice. (All transaxles are the swing axle style but may be modified with high performance parts, a variety of gear sets, and upgraded fromdrum to disc brakes for an additional charge.)
  • The brake system is complete and operational, as is the parking brake system.
  • The steering components are completely installed and operational.
  • Head & taillights, turn signals and license plate lights are installed.
  • The engine harness is in place and ready to be attached to the engine of your choosing.
  • A set of 5 tires are mounted and balanced. Tire brands vary with supply availability.
  • Upgraded tires available at additional cost.
  • The side & rear view mirrors are installed, along with the horn grills.
  • “Speedster” badges and body side moldings are also installed.
  • Other optional items may be ordered and pre-installed as well.

Pricing Breakdown:

Deluxe-Body Package: $21,995
Roller Package Assembly Fee: $2,421
Standard 4-speed manual (drum-to-drum): $1,500
3 completion parts packages: $2,584
Wheel and tire Package  $ 1,495

Total: $29,995 (less engine)

This package can be transported by an automotive carrier service. They generally charge a small additional fee for handling “non-runners”. Please call for an estimate.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
A $ 5,000.00 deposit must accompany all orders.
Please call for availability.

Payment/Build Schedules

When your $5000.00 deposit paid in full, we begin working on your vehicle. You will receive a schedule for additional required payments and are to be paid in full during the build process. We will do our utmost to maintain the schedule discussed at the time that your order is placed. Subsequent invoices will be supplied to you by email. The terms and process of your order will be thoroughly discussed prior to accepting your order and deposit.

1st = $5000.00 Deposit
Credit card or personal/business check.

2nd = Balance of Body Package Cost
$19,500.00 – $5000.00 deposit = $14,500.00 by check.

3rd = Optional Package Payment.
When we start to add YOUR selections to the body pack by check.

4th = Mechanical Payment to the Selected Supplier.
Credit card or approved check.

Final Balance = Assembly and Shipping Invoice.
Wire or Cashier’s Check, as this is nearing shipping date, unless other plans are made beforehand.